Some advantages of using signage in business promotion

A well placed and attractive sign will always get the passerby’s attention. A creative and well thought of sign can help your business stand apart from competitors. Signs are important if you want to get public attention. Before you can communicate your thoughts, you need the person to pay attention to you and what you are saying. In the digital age most print signs have given way to digital signs. With constant exposure to internet ads, tv ads and online media, today’s customer is well oriented to digital technology.

Digital signage has begun to replace nearly all the traditional print media that has adorned our shopping malls and department stores. From roadside digital billboards that have replaced the large side-of-the-road print hoardings to small point of sale signs – digital signage is now everywhere. The traditional poster has also been given a digital facelift providing a flexible, dynamic and stylish alternative to the printed poster. Investing in digital signs to promote your brand is a natural way of moving forward with marketing. FM Digital LED Signs provides digital signage and interactive advertising solutions utilizing innovative digital technology to deliver dynamic, impactful, audience-targeted campaigns for a business.

Signs bring about an awareness about your brand and who you are. A person is more likely to buy from a brand they have heard about than from an unknown brand. How do they hear or remember about a brand. The most common way is through public signs. The person on seeing the brand repeated consistently tends to form an association and places trust on the brand because of consistent display.

Signs are also great for directing potential customers to your location. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration website, signs serve as a primary link between a business and its customers.

Signs work well in high traffic areas where attention is bound to go on the display at hand. Such areas are a great way to advertise something new that your business is involved with. Another great way of promoting in a high traffic area is to add your website url to the sign. If the offer is interesting, visitors are most likely to check the website at a later date and time.

Signage can be used internally or externally. Internal signs are normally placed in lobbies, lounges, cafeterias, elevators and other places within a premise. These signs mostly serve to guide a person to a place, to welcome visitors or to provide information.External signs normally use large displays.

Whatever display you go for, just ensure that the sign is neat and not damaged. A sign board that is damaged or smudged may fail to convey trust and quality.

Three social media platforms to grow your business

Everybody is on social media so businesses cannot stay far behind. creating a presence on each and every social media is a good thing but can your business really keep up with the hectic interaction. Are you really interacting or are you using the social media to broadcast how your business is the best thing that happened to mankind. Not all platforms are built to perform the same functions. Not all platforms will have the same level of engagement. how do you influence followers and get your own stream of networkers. Start by identifying what works for your brand. Weconnect is an influencer marketing platform that connects influencers who blog, tweet and post with leading brands and advertisers who sponsor them. With Weconnect Influencer Marketing, brands receive influential content and engaging, stories that drive awareness and influencers are compensated for their participation and partnership.

You understand that social media is an effective way to gain exposure, make connections, and attract new clients, but you do not know what direction to take. Start by being active on not more that three social media accounts. You will not be able to do justice to more that this at any given point of time. Build the presence and then continue to add more. Instead of spending hours a day trying to force your way into new markets, make friends with a handful of influencers and ask them to do the work for you.

Platforms that you can focus on would be:

Youtube is important. Youtube is an established platform for educative and informational search. Tutorials on youtube are a great way to teach and promote your brand.

Facebook is important because anyone is on Facebook. Facebook ads are the best way to promote an offering on the Facebook platform. Since Facebook displays the posts only to a small network of followers , regular posts on Facebook do not do much to convert. Posts on Facebook should be limited to image posts with some information. When it comes to promotion or making an offering opt for the adverts as the will be showcased to a like minded group based on similar interests.

Slideshare (is another growing platform that can serve your content to a huge audience. However it is not easy to create a compelling story through slides and this platform requires a certain level of expertise.

Legal know how for the self employed entrepreneur

Working on your own time at your own pace seems like the routine of every self-employed person, but, every self-employed entrepreneur does have to work within a framework in order for the business to grow. For the right growth makes sure you have a plan from the onset. It is easy to do everything yourself but good business sense is about handling your core competencies and outsourcing the rest.

Identify specialized tasks. For example, take a look at some legal aspects of running a business. Disputes can come up between a business and a dissatisfied customer.Dispute resolution handled by the right team is likely to go in your firm’s favour, rather than you trying to handle all aspects of the conflict. Cardinal Commercial Litigation Law offers strategic commercial litigation and dispute resolution services to domestic and international clients across a range of industry sectors, specialising in assisting clients to resolve complex disputes and manage regulatory and compliance risks.

Business contracts, invoicing all are a major part of the day to day running of a business. The wrong wording on a contract can result in unnecessary conflicts or disputes. Signing business contracts in your own name or using your company’s name, and yourself in the ‘by’ all have critical legal implications. Outsource legal work to a legal firm to stay on the right side of the law.

Accountancy is another area that should be outsourced. You do not want to spend valuable hours pouring over numbers and trying to get a grasp of worksheets. A good firm will balance the numbers for you, leaving you free to handle the core business and customers. Running a successful business also means taking responsibility of paying taxes. An accounts firm will handle this for you. Asking experts for advice will ensure that you are paying the correct amount, whilst helping you to avoid any fines for missing payments.

Understand the goal of starting the business and you will remain true to what you believed in. Provide value in what you offer. Value creation is different from profit making. Purely profit making firms cannot survive in the longer run. on the other hand when you create a value for someone, you add value to what you do and value for who you serve.